Barberry Brook

Barberry Brook is our latest addition. It is a semi stand alone building next to the pool complex. Bright and south facing it sits on the mill stream wall and looks up the old farm courtyard and on to the hill beyond on one side and over the lovely oak tree banked babbling brook on the other. So on one side you have the soothing trickling of the stream and on the other the gentle cooing of Sheila’s doves in the old adjacent Dove cots.

We build this in 2008 to the highest eco specs with a Trombe wall, solar panel and hemp insulation (flowers removed?!).

Availability and Booking

Unique Features

  • Free standing house on two floors
  • Upstairs 5’ double bed with super Vi Spring mattress
  • Balcony over stream with treble door
  • Bath in bedroom overlooking stream with separate shower room
  • Downstairs sitting/dining room and kitchen
  • Fully glazed modern house
  • High Eco credentials
  • TV/DVD, HiFi, WiFi, landline

Guests Comments

You never forget a visit to Fingals - it's heaven on earth especially when the sun shines on the gorgeous garden. A really unique place and smashing hosts!

Alison Field
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